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I can’t connect my VOLCANO HYBRID.

Currently, the STORZ & BICKEL Web App supports CRAFTY and CRAFTY+ devices, however, VOLCANO HYBRID devices will be added soon to the functionality.

I can’t tell which of the Bluetooth devices is my CRAFTY.

CRAFTYs are shown as "Storz&Bickel" and "STORZ&BICKEL".

If you need to distinguish between several CRAFTY devices, the reception signal next to the device name might help, as it indicates which is the closest CRAFTY to the browser device. If you move your CRAFTY towards the device, the signal will respond accordingly.

I want to use the STORZ & BICKEL Web App offline.

You can! The STORZ & BICKEL Web App is a Progressive Web App. Hence, once visited, you can use the STORZ & BICKEL Web App without internet connection. You’re even able to install it on your device.

My browser doesn’t support WEB BLE.

To be able to use the STORZ & BICKEL Web App, you have to use a browser, which supports WEB BLE on the corresponding operating system. For PC, Mac and Android devices we recommend the latest Google Chrome browser. For iOS devices we recommend the free Bluefy browser or the WebBLE ($ 2.29) browser.

My browser can’t detect any connectable devices.

Your browser device needs to support Bluetooth in order to connect to the CRAFTY. If it does, please make sure to enable Bluetooth. Restart the browser and try again.

My issue is not listed.

Please send us a message, with a description and, if possible, screenshots showing the issue.

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