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Dry Herb Vaporizers – STORZ & BICKEL Portable Devices

Discover the ultimate convenience with STORZ & BICKEL’s range of portable dry herb Vaporizers. Made in Germany and designed for mobility without compromising on vapor quality, our portable devices – the MIGHTY+, CRAFTY+, and the new VENTY Vaporizer – ensure you enjoy your favorite dry herbs gently vaporized in a combustion-free process wherever you go.

✓ Efficient Vaporization & Excellent Flavor

✓ Li-Ion Battery-Powered for On-the-Go Lifestyle

✓ Quick Heat-Up Times & Precise Temperature Control

The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers – Made from High-Quality Materials

As STORZ & BICKEL prioritizes quality and safety, all our portable devices are constructed from durable, heat-resistant materials. Engineered and produced in Germany, every Vaporizer undergoes rigorous testing and certification to ensure top-tier performance and longevity.

All portable S&B Vaporizers are:

✓ Made from durable, heat-resistant, & food-safe materials

✓ Engineered & produced in Germany

✓ Tested & Certified

Advantages of STORZ & BICKEL Mobile Herb Vaporizers

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means that with a portable device from STORZ & BICKEL you’re purchasing a state-of-the-art Vaporizer, designed for efficiency and usability. Enjoy the benefits of:

✓ Compact, portable design for a quick and easy application

✓ Powerful Li-Ion Batteries for optimum performance

✓ 2-year warranty, dedicated Customer Support Team, and repair services

Innovative Features of STORZ & BICKEL Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Whether you prefer a one-button controlled device or want to use your smartphone to tailor each session to your personal preferences, our portfolio of top-notch Vaporizers embody S&B’s continuous drive for innovation and the best usability.

Explore the cutting-edge features that set our portable Vaporizers apart:

Patented Heating Technology:
Our sophisticated heating management systems ensure a combustion-free inhalation, a consistently efficient and flavorful vapor production as well as precise temperature control.

Bluetooth Connectivity & S&B Web App: Connect your Vaporizer to our S&B Web App via Bluetooth for smart control over your sessions. Customize settings, monitor device, and implement updates all at the convenience of your smartphone.

Innovative Flowmeter: The customizable airflow settings of the VENTY allow you to go with your flow, while our newly developed flowmeter dynamically adjusts heating based on the negative pressure of your draw.

Dosing Capsule System: Simply fill 40 Capsules precisely at once with the S&B Filling Set and store them safely and ready for action in the Caddy or Magazine. Your device stays clean longer and needs less maintenance.


Choosing the right portable Dry Herb Vaporizer for your needs

From lightweight to powerhouse, each S&B model offers unique advantages. To find the ideal Vaporizer for your lifestyle involves considering several key aspects:

Heat-Up Time & Airflow

The VENTY heats up in breathtakingly fast 20 seconds, boasts a maximum of 20 liters of air per minute, and is the world’s first Vaporizers with customizable airflow settings.


With its 2 high-performance Lithium-Ion Batteries and a Supercharge function (80% in 40 min.), the sturdy MIGHTY+ is designed for a busy lifestyle.


Our lightest device, the one-button or app controlled CRAFTY+ is the perfect companion for travelling and outdoor activities. 



To find the best portable S&B Vaporizer for your purposes, you can compare all our devices:


If you prioritize vaporizing in larger groups at home or other stationary environments, you may be interested in one of our desktop Vaporizers.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about portable Vaporizers

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about STORZ & BICKEL’s portable dry herb Vaporizers.


  • What is the difference between portable and desktop Vaporizers?

    Portable Vaporizers and Desktop Vaporizers serve different purposes and have unique advantages. Portable models for example offer battery powered mobility, while desktop Vaporizers are designed for uninterrupted use at home and other fixed locations.

  • What is the temperature range of S&B’s portable dry herb Vaporizers?

    The temperature range of S&B’s battery powered dry herb Vaporizers, VENTY, MIGHTY(+), CRAFTY(+), is 40 °C - 210 °C (104 °F - 410 °F). The preset base temperature is 180°C (356°F).

  • What types of mobile Vaporizers are available?

    You can find the following portable Vaporizers in the STORZ & BICKEL shop:

    VENTY Vaporizer

    MIGHTY+ Vaporizer

    MIGHTY Vaporizer

    CRAFTY+ Vaporizer

  • How much does a portable Vaporizer cost?

    You should first compare the prices of various Vaporizers to find options that fit your budget. You can find the prices for all our portable Vaporizers further up on this page.

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