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VOLCANO HYBRID - Function Principle

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between the VOLCANO DIGIT and the VOLCANO HYBRID?

The VOLCANO HYBRID can be operated with a tube, in addition to the EASY VALVE balloons. The tube can be used without activating the air pump. The heat-up time has also been optimized. The VOLCANO HYBRID only needs about 40 seconds to heat up to 180°C / 356°F. In addition, the VOLCANO HYBRID has built-in Bluetooth functionality which allows the device to be controlled via the STORZ & BICKEL Web App. The buttons of the VOLCANO DIGIT have been removed and replaced by a simple and elegant touch screen and the power cord for the hybrid is detachable.

Why is the VOLCANO HYBRID Filling Chamber not compatible with the VOLCANO DIGIT or the VOLCANO CLASSIC?

The VOLCANO HYBRID features some technical changes to ensure an optimal inhalation experience through the tube, which is why the tube attachment is not compatible with the DIGIT / CLASSIC. The tube can be operated without switching on the air pump – so you can inhale directly and silently from the source. Enabling this feature required a change in air management. In order to ensure that inhalation takes place with every draw, we implemented our patented combination of convection and conduction heating (which is also used in the PLENTY, the CRAFTY and the MIGHTY). This evolution of the VOLCANO HYBRID means that the Filling Chamber is now preheated. Furthermore, the new filling chamber screws onto the device to enable 360 degree rotation of the tube.

Are the VOLCANO HYBRID parts compatible with the older VOLCANO models?

Some parts will be compatible across all VOLCANOS, however, not all new HYBRID parts will work with the DIGIT or the CLASSIC. For additional details see this comparison list.

Does the VOLCANO HYBRID switch off automatically?

The VOLCANO HYBRID switches to standby mode after approximately 30 minutes.

Why does the air pump switch on briefly after the device temperature has been reached?

As soon as the set target temperature has been reached, the air pump switches on briefly to signal this event.

How can I switch the temperature display of the VOLCANO HYBRID from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa?

Pressing the Plus and Minus buttons at the same time changes the display from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit and vice versa.

How can I turn the Bluetooth® function of the VOLCANO HYBRID on/off?

Simultaneously pressing (approx. 3 seconds) the Minus button and the Air button switches the device's Bluetooth® function on or off.

What is the EASY VALVE Balloon Adapter and how do I use it?

The EASY VALVE Balloon Adapter is an item introduced to make exchanging the EASY VALVE Balloons possible. The adapter is an integrated part of the EASY VALVE, which allows you to pull off the used balloon and attach a new one as described in the EASY VALVE Quick Start Manual.

How do I use the EASY VALVE Filling Chamber Reducer?

The Filling Chamber Reducer is intended for inhaling small amounts of herbs or for using Dosing Capsules. The Filling Chamber Reducer is inserted into the Filling Chamber Housing instead of the cylinder.

Can I use the Dosing Capsules in the VOLCANO?

Yes, the Dosing Capsules can be used in the VOLCANO in combination with the EASY VALVE Filling Chamber Reducer.

Why is my SOLID VALVE leaking?

Here's a hint on how you may use the SOLID VALVE System in an optimum way: Before putting the SOLID VALVE Balloon on the Filling Chamber, stretch the balloon upwards so that it extends vertically from the VOLCANO as the balloon fills. We also recommend turning off the air when the balloon is 90% filled to avoid building back pressure. For pictures and tips on achieving the best SOLID VALVE performance, please refer to the Instructions for Use under Download, listed below. We recommend using the EASY VALVE System for optimum performance.

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