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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the CRAFTY(+) without the Remote Control App?

Yes, definitely. The CRAFTY(+) is a one button device. The CRAFTY(+) Remote Control App is not necessary for operating the CRAFTY(+) as this works perfectly with the default settings: basic temperature is 180°C and booster temperature is 195°C. However, with the app you can set the basic and booster temperature, change the LED brightness, switch the vibration signal on and off, read the battery status, reference the operating time, and much more.ck here.

What is the difference between the CRAFTY(+) and the MIGHTY?

In general, you can imagine the CRAFTY(+) as the MIGHTY’s little brother. For a detailed listing of the different characteristics, click here.

What materials have been used in the CRAFTY(+)?

We have applied the maximum possible care and diligence in all materials. All materials are food-safe, heat-resistant, and according to FDA regulations.

How do I set the temperature on the CRAFTY(+)?

The temperature of the CRAFTY(+) can be set by using the free CRAFTY(+) Remote Control App. For connecting to the app, you need a Bluetooth Low Energy smartphone on which the app acts as a CRAFTY(+) display. The app is not necessary for operating the CRAFTY(+) as this works perfectly with the default settings: basic temperature is 180°C and booster temperature is 195°C.

How do I take proper care of the batteries?

You should store the CRAFTY(+) at standard ambient temperature approx. 20°C, no frost, no direct sunlight, and keep it dry. If the device is not used for a longer time, you should store it at a battery capacity of between 20 % and 80 %.

When using the CRAFTY(+) it is best to drain the batteries until about 20 % capacity, which is one battery bar and then recharge them fully. From time to time, it makes sense to drain them all the way and then recharge them fully; this will adjust the battery capacity and keep the battery gauge correct. If the CRAFTY(+) is operated while plugged in, the batteries will not be bypassed. The discharge current is higher than the current that is used to charge the battery. Therefore, the CRAFTY(+) can only be operated while plugged in if a partial charging has been carried out beforehand. However, this process is stressful for the battery and may shorten the battery life faster.

How is the vapor created?

The CRAFTY(+), as well as the MIGHTY(+) and the PLENTY, functions with a patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction so that the air is already heated when it flows into the heated-up Filling Chamber and ensures an immediate and continuous vaporizing. The additional benefit of the heated Filling Chamber is that the material to be vaporized is already heated up and vaporization takes place on the first draw.

How do I exchange the lower Screen?

Remove the lower Filling Chamber Screen out of the Filling Chamber by using a pair of tweezers or a pair of pointed pliers. Insert a new screen and take care that the edges of the screen lock in place into the groove provided.

Is my smartphone compatible with the CRAFTY(+) Remote Control App?

In order for the CRAFTY(+) to connect to the CRAFTY(+) Remote Control App, your smartphone has to run on Android and support Bluetooth Low Energy.

Android 6 and higher require location services to establish a BLE connection. For a smooth connection between the App and your CRAFTY(+), please make sure to enable location services in your smart phone's settings.

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