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  1. VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporisateur
    VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporisateur
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In recent times, the world has been challenged with various global crises like the pandemic and international political conflicts which have had far reaching consequences for everyone around the globe.

Global crises require global solutions. In times like these, it is all the more important to cultivate values and beliefs which reinforce a sense of global togetherness: a feeling of Solidarity and Responsibility as well as mutual Respect and Love. 



Our increasing sense of responsibility and our desire to support Peace is what has inspired this Limited Edition. This VOLCANO is made with Love for Peace and limited to 1000 pieces.

Its cone is powder-coated in matte white and symbolizes harmony and peace while the elegant and modest engraving echoes the motto of our campaign “with Love for Peace”. The Logos and numbering (0001-1000) are engraved onto the cone as well and shimmer in a grey-metallic color.

We hope this VOLCANO will serve its new owners as a source of mindfulness, tranquility, peace, and love.



Within this PEACE-campaign, STORZ & BICKEL is donating a total sum of 100.000€, 100€ for every PEACE VOLCANO produced.

The recipients will be different charities with focus on humanitarian aid in Ukraine and support of women, children, and those most effected by the war. The donations will be spread across the following charities:



If you are interested in donating to this cause independently of a purchase, we are gathering donations here: with Love for Peace. Every contribution is helpful and much-needed.

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