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Conditions of participation – Holiday Giveaways on Instagram, TikTok, X and Facebook – December 13, 2023


  1. All natural persons, who are at least 21 years old and are located in a country listed here, can participate in this giveaway. 
  2. The deadline for participation is December 20, 2023 – 9am (CET).
  3. By responding to our request, stated in our post from December 13, 2023, the user automatically takes part in the giveaway.
  4. The winners are chosen randomly. The winner comment will be publicly highlighted.
  5. The following can be won:


  • 1x VENTY on Instagram
  • 1x MIGHTY+ on Facebook
  • 1x CRAFTY+ on X


  1. After the contest ended, STORZ & BICKEL will inform the winners by DM on December 20, 2023. If STORZ & BICKEL does not receive any feedback from a winner for 7 days, the prize will expire, and the second-best participant will win. The further handling of the contest and the prize will be carried out directly by STORZ & BICKEL. Accordingly, any claims in connection with the prize and the associated prize must be addressed to STORZ & BICKEL.
  2. A cash payment of the prize is not possible; the prize is not transferable.
  3. Participation via automated mass participation procedures is not permitted.
  4. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to exclude participants who violate the conditions of participation from the competition and to modify or terminate the competition at any time.
  5. This contest is not connected with Meta/TikTok/X, neither is it sponsored, supported or organized by it.
  6. Legal action is excluded.
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