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Capsule Caddy

Capsule Caddy

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Perspectiva general

El práctico recipiente de Cápsulas Monodosis para tu manojo de llaves: se pueden conservar óptimamente hasta cuatro Cápsulas Monodosis para el camino. El Capsule Caddy es además hermético al agua y a los olores.

Entrega incluye

  • 1 pz. Capsule Caddy
  • 4 pz. Cápsula Monodosis

Informes de productos

03.02.2019 – Tony
I think you are supposed to put them upside down anyways, so when you take one out, you don't hold it by the lid. These are actually great. I use only capsules and p repare in advance as bullets ;) más...
03.03.2017 – Ben Morgan
Good idea however the design and manufacture of the dosing capsules is not up to S&B standards. Lids do not go on well and easily bend when you are trying to close t hem down flush. As with the previous review, the lids need to be closed flush to fit in the caddy. So in order to use the caddy you end up banding all your capsules - may be this is by design so that we buy more capsules? I guess now that these are designed as single use, throw away items? más...
15.11.2016 – NEM
In order to make 4 capsules fit the best: Make sure all the caps are on evenly and put the 4th one in upside-down, ( The narrower base will give the ringed screw on cap more room to tighten on the O-ring). M- más...