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Dosing Capsule Set, 40 pcs.

Dosing Capsule Set, 40 pcs.

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You can fill ground herbs into the Dosing Capsules in advance.


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  • 40 pcs. Dosing Capsule

Product reviews

21.11.2018 – Stephen22
My wife really loves these little capsules and I love them for her since I can grind and fill them in advance and not have to drop everything to go do it for her. S he also loves the fact that she can hot swap them and save battery life. It also makes it much easier to keep the unit clean and also easier to clean when it is time to do the serious cleaning. Fantastic product. The only draw back to these is the ease of bending and the fact that they are a little difficult to open. If you do not bend them too bad they will squeeze right back into shape ready for filling though. It would be great if you made a tool to help open these. Either way, they are great. more...
07.04.2017 – Damian
I love -LOVE these things. I can grind and prefill these by the dozens and not have to deal with grinding and packing for another week. It's also much easier to trac k and regulate my consumption. I can hot swap them in and out of my Mighty, making battery usage more efficient, while also keeping the bowl a little cleaner. Other users have complained about them getting bent, and some do, it's true, but so few that I feel it's well within acceptable margins -especially considering the price point. I am happy to learn that people have also been using them in non S&B devices, which is great: I would love to see these become a standard! more...