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Der Pionier. Seit jeher. Der VOLCANO CLASSIC besticht durch sein robustes und rein elektromechanisches Design. Hochwertige Materialien und Verarbeitung garantieren eine lange Lebensdauer – Made in Germany.
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  • 1 St. VOLCANO CLASSIC Heißlufterzeuger
  • 4 St. EASY VALVE Ballon mit Mundstück
  • 1 St. EASY VALVE Ballon mit Adapter
  • 1 St. Füllkammer
  • 3 St. Füllkammerclip
  • 1 St. Deckelring
  • 1 St. Normalsiebe Set (ca. Ø 30 mm)
  • 1 St. Tropfenkissen (ca. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • 1 St. Luftfilter Set
  • 1 St. Kräutermühle (ca. Ø 59 mm)
  • 1 St. Reinigungspinsel
  • 1 St. Gebrauchsanweisung


08.09.2018 – Mike
Great product, it delivers. Very easy to use, durable and most importantly, easy on the lungs. I'd like to see Storz & Bickel make a half size, or even quarter si zed miniature version of the the volcano with a small bag. You could call it the Mini - Geyser mehr...
29.06.2018 – John
yes yes good vulcano, got mine today and works the best. just vaped my autumn leaf and its so good
28.12.2017 – Isaac Zane
The Volcano is the best vaporizer on the market. Superb quality. Elegant design. Intelligent creators. The moment the bag first inflated, i knew it was love.
09.12.2017 – Big Pork
have had this for about a full year now and by far my favorite way to enjoy my herb i have a couple glass tubes which run from 300-800 a pop but i always find that t he volcano just does you right. if you consider yourself a connoisseur of the herb id recommend this product. i would also recommend buying the analog over the digital volcano because they heat up the same and they tell you in the instructions what number equals whatever tempeture you want to vape at and i almost forgot that its a whopping $100 less for the analog! ps I'm sorry if my writing isn't up to par wasn't the best student mehr...
17.08.2017 – luis lins
Its my third vape, i was angry because always get pen's that don't work, decide to get the number one volcano, this was the best product i bought in my life, i use e very single day, my wife loves too, my friends loves too, no smell in the house, I can enjoy the strain's flavours and their differences, this company its amazing, build something simple but crazy complex, I really believe in the concept of this company, they build really great products, im thinking to get a new version, something portable. I will buy for sure a portable option from Storz & Bickel because they show me a serious company and amazing product, feel free to contact me Storz, im open to be a beta tester. If one day my volcano breaks, i will order a new one straight way, no matter the price, this product bring to me something amazing that no one on the market couldn't deliver, change my life. i hope on future that you guys will build a new version from volcano and improve to get less hot air, something that can cold down the vape smoke. thanks a lot / vielen danke mehr...
20.06.2017 – BVB
If you are not constantly on the road and can afford the Volcano, I highly recommend it! Love it, super easy and smooth. The Volcano is top of the line in build qual ity and performance. mehr...
19.06.2015 – Umber
Very few vaporizing units offer the excellent build quality, ease of use, and inclusion of every needed accessory for a proper experience, championed by the Volcano Classic + Easy Valve. mehr...
10.03.2015 – Björn
Ich besitze den Volcano jetzt seit ein paar Jahren und kann nur positives berichten. Auch bei sehr regelmäßiger Benutzung so gut wie Verschleißteifrei! Die Qualit ät des Dampfes ist mir keinem Vaporizer vergleichbar. Ich habe mittlerweile jeden Vaporizer von Storz und Bickel getestet und kann nur sagen dass es für jeden Dampftypen den richtigen Vaporizer gibt! Unabhängig vom Modell ist die Dampfqualität bei allen Geräten herausragend! mehr...
10.06.2014 – JAM, Cape Coral, FL, United States
I recently bought a valcano And it's freaking awesome. Much better than all the other vaporizers I've tried. It's a bit more expensive but well worth the extra money . A real quality item!! mehr...