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VOLCANO Vaporizer - Professional Technology

The primary requirement of a Vaporizer is the capacity to maintain the temperature just above the vaporization point in order to obtain an optimum level of both efficiency and flavour, along with minimized production of harmful substances. Other important points are the greatest level of safety for the user, ease of operation and application which is separate from the vaporizing process.

The VOLCANO Vaporization System solves the problem of hot air generation by employing an astoundingly simple principle: the air is pumped through a heated aluminium block and thus inevitably assumes the desired temperature. An air pump ensures that the air flow remains constant, and flow volume fluctuations are thus ruled out. This means that the VOLCANO Vaporizers have the most accurate temperature control of all Vaporizers.

However, the main distinguishing feature of the VOLCANO Vaporization System is the patented Valve Balloon into which the vapor generated is pumped. The Valve Balloon can be completely detached from the device after filling and the contents inhaled at the user's ease. This ensures that the application is absolutely safe, as vaporization occurs previously and the user does not come into contact with glass, heat or electricity during inhalation.

VOLCANO Vaporizer –Certified product safety

The quality of our VOLCANO DIGIT and VOLCANO CLASSIC products has been tested and certified with regard to their electrical and mechanical safety and reliability by TÜV SÜD (the "Southern Technical Inspection Association") in Munich, Germany.

Certified Vaporizer
The VOLCANO Vaporizers fulfill the requirements for device safety in household appliances according to DIN EN ISO 60 335. This certification by an independent testing agency is a further indication of the competence and responsibility that STORZ & BICKEL GmbH & Co. KG has in producing safe, top-quality Vaporizers for our customers all over the world.