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01. Dec. 2011

New: PLENTY Vaporizer by STORZ & BICKEL

We are pleased to introduce our new product: the PLENTY Vaporizer.

The new Hot Air Generator is a powerful and robust hand-held device at an economical price.

The PLENTY Vaporizer is equipped with a double helix heat exchanger to ensure efficient air heating and high-yield vaporization. The highly efficient stainless steel Cooling Coil ensures a pleasant aromatic experience. Vaporization temperatures are adjustable between approx. 130°C to 202°C (266°F to 395°F).

The temperature in the Filling Chamber is shown by an analogue thermometer. The bi-metallic regulator ensures safe operation, with independent temperature fuse and automatic switch-off. The PLENTY Vaporizer has been certified by the German TÜV; compliance with the European and North American standards and regulations for household appliances is guaranteed by TÜV and NRTL certifications. First-class design and manufacture ensures excellent quality and functionality. Product characteristics are guaranteed by STORZ & BICKEL for 3 years. Naturally, only food-safe and odor-free materials are used.

The PLENTY Vaporizer is silent and lightweight: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs), dimensions: 20.0x15.5x6.0 cm (7.9x6.1x2.4 inches), plus power cord, it is available immediately in our online shop.

02. Dec. 2010

VOLCANO Vaporizer − certified product safety

The quality of our VOLCANO DIGIT and VOLCANO CLASSIC products has been tested and certified with regard to their electrical and mechanical safety and reliability by TÜV SÜD (the "Southern Technical Inspection Association") in Munich, Germany.

The VOLCANO Vaporizers fulfill the requirements for device safety in household appliances according to DIN EN ISO 60 335. This certification by an independent testing agency is a further indication of the competence and responsibility that STORZ & BICKEL GmbH & Co. KG has in producing safe, top-quality Vaporizers for our customers all over the world.

6. April 2010

3 year warranty for the VOLCANO DIGIT Vaporizer!

The VOLCANO Vaporization System has set the benchmark for the past 10 years - the highest quality of workmanship guarantees the long life of our products. Hence we grant every owner of a VOLCANO Vaporizer a full three year warranty! This applies to our digital Vaporizer, the VOLCANO DIGIT, just as much as to the VOLCANO CLASSIC.

The extended warranty is complimentary and is prorated retroactively for all VOLCANO DIGITS sold previously. It is quality that creates satisfied customers - this is our top priority!

13. Jan. 2010

Implementation of a qualification management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Since December 2009, the STORZ & BICKEL company has been certified as a manufacturer of high-quality Vaporizers according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
STORZ & BICKEL is therefore the first and currently only manufacturer of herbal Vaporizers which has a certified quality management system recognized around the world.

The implementation of the quality management system impressively confirms the high quality of our production processes.

The main advantages for customer are:

  • Highest productive quality
  • Safety for the user
  • Customer orientation
  • Continuous improvement of all operational processes
  • Responsibility of the manufacturer

All operation procedures are systematically inspected and evaluated every six months by an independent testing institute.

25. Nov. 2009

EASY VALVE XL Replacement Set

Due to the popular demand of many VOLCANO users, we offer an XL variant of the EASY VALVE Balloon.

The EASY VALVE Balloon is about 30 cm/1 foot longer and therefore has a larger volume (about 23 litres) than the standard variant (about 12.5 litres).

The EASY VALVE XL Replacement Set will only be available as a set with 6 ready-to-use Valve Balloons (the Replacement Set does not include a Filling Chamber).

The new EASY VALVE XL Replacement Set will be exclusively available from our Shop.

07. Nov. 2007

The completely revised Instructions for Use are now available in Italian - "Vaporizzatore VOLCANO" and Dutch - "VOLCANO Verdamper"

We are happy to provide completely revised Instructions for Use for the VOLCANO Vaporization System in 6 languages.

Since November our new manuals are available in Italian "Sistema di Vaporizzazione VOLCANO - Istruzioni per l'Uso" and Dutch "VOLCANO Verdampingssysteem - Bedieningshandleiding".

Please visit our Download section.

15. May 2007

New: VOLCANO DIGIT and EASY VALVE are available now

We are pleased to have the opportunity of introducing our new products to you, the VOLCANO DIGIT and the EASY VALVE.

The digital, electronically controlled VOLCANO DIGIT Vaporizer is the new reference among Vaporizers with regard to precision and quality.

Besides the precise temperature control and the extended temperature range (40°C-230°C/104°F-446°F), consistent attention was paid to high operating comfort, so the device is equipped with an extra large LED display as well as an automatic switch off.

While developing the EASY VALVE, it was our task to fulfill our customers' wishes and needs. Therefore, the highest degree of operator convenience was combined with minimum maintenance requirements for the EASY VALVE - with the expedient result of being able to offer our customers an optimized Valve System, which makes using the VOLCANO Vaporization System even easier.

Please visit our Shop for product information about the VOLCANO DIGIT and EASY VALVE.

12. Sep. 2006

Free shipping

STORZ & BICKEL is now offering free shipping for our customers. To better serve our customers we will ship the VOLCANO Vaporizer and the accessories free of charge with an order of € 20.00 or more.

03. Aug. 2006

VOLCANO Vaporization System - Solid craftsmanship built to last for intensive use.

The VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporization System has set the standard in the vaporization industry for the past 5 years now. The decisive criterion that guarantees the VOLCANO's long life span is the uncompromising selection of material and the high quality of workmanship. Alongside the VOLCANO's durability, is its user friendliness, the maximum safety for the user and the extraordinary efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We are convinced about this quality:
For the 5 year anniversary of the VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporizer, STORZ & BICKEL will continue to extend the warranty throughout the entire year of 2006. For our 2006, 5 year anniversary we will repair all warranty issues including the VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporizers where the 3 year warranty has expired. Please contact us for more information.

01. Aug. 2006

The VOLCANO Vaporization System will now include a high quality Herb Mill.

The Herb Mill, with its extra sharp "teeth" will simplify the preparation of the plant material as well as improve the cost effectiveness of the VOLCANO Vaporization System because the finer the material is ground, the larger the surface area becomes and the more aromas and fragrances will be released.

An additional benefit: The smaller plant material can be stirred better before a renewed Balloon Filling. Simply take the material out of the Filling Chamber before reusing it, stir it and refill it, thereby refreshing and enlarging the surface of the already hot air streamed through materials; an important factor for the optimized use of herbs and their aromas and fragrances.

22. Dec. 2005

5 Years VOLCANO CLASSIC - Prolonged warranty on all manufactured units until Dec. 31st 2006!

Since the start of production we set the highest quality standards for our product. A quality which our customers benefit from in the long-term has inspired us to the following warranty campaign:
In celebration of the 5-year jubilee we are assuming any warranty issue, of devices over the normal 3-year warranty, free of charge. This special offer is valid until Dec. 31st 2006.

If, for example, you do indeed own a 5-year old VOLCANO CLASSIC with a technical defect, due to material-, processing- or construction failures, please feel free to contact us.

01. Dec. 2005

VOLCANO prices reduced by 20%!

Due to an increase in sales and a decrease in production costs we are able to pass the savings on to our customers while maintaining and even improving our high standards of quality. We are now pleased to offer the VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporizer for the attractive price of € 398,-



23. Dez. 2004

The Quick Start Manual is available !

We now provide a Quick Start Manual to facilitate the comprehension of VOLCANO's operating mode. Please note that the Quick Start Manual is an amendment to the Instructions for Use but does not replace it.

28. Nov. 2004

STORZ & BICKEL GmbH & Co. KG founds a subsidiary in Oakland, California, USA

We proudly announce the opening of our service and distribution center, STORZ & BICKEL America, Inc. We are pleased to enable our American customers to deal directly with us in the United States. The new office is located on 1155 5th Street, #104, Oakland, CA 94607-2501, USA.

01. April 2004

We have moved !

In view of a continuous and increased demand for our products we have moved to new and considerably more spacious company premises.

This investment will enable us serve our customers even better with fast delivery and first-class product quality.

You can now find us in Tuttlingen, Rote Strasse 1. All other details, such as telephone number and e-mail, remain unchanged and we look forward to your visit.

17. Nov. 2003

VOLCANO receives recognition at the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The VOLCANO received recognition when the Dr.-Rudolf-Eberle-Prize was awarded, the prize for innovation of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

This prize has been awarded on an annual basis since 1985 to small and medium-sized industrial and craft firms who have successfully implemented outstanding technical innovations. The prize committee uses the criteria of technical progress, special entrepreneurial achievement and the economic success of the innovation to make its decision.

On 17 November, Dr. Walter Döring, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Vice Minister-President of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, introduced the Volcano and handed over the recognition at Stuttgart's House of Commerce. The jury invited and awarded 18 companies out of 104 competitors from all over Baden-Wuerttemberg to publicly recognise their exemplary performance.

This recognition underscores the inventive and entrepreneurial achievement we put into developing and marketing the Volcano while providing us with the incentive to develop similarly innovative applications.

04. Feb. 2003

Granted: US-Patent No. 6,513,524 for the VOLCANO.

STORZ & BICKEL has been granted with the US-Patent No. 6,513,524 for the VOLCANO! On 4 February 2003 we have received the US-Patent for the VOLCANO Vaporizer! With this certification the invention of Markus Storz is also protected in the USA, which confirms the uniqueness of the VOLCANO Vaporizer with his simplicity of use, his high degree of safety and his particularly good efficiency.

In addition to the German Patent No. 198 03 376 which we received on 14 October 1999, the European Patent No. 0 933 093 has been granted on 17 September 2003. Therefore this unique invention is protected in the most important markets.

10. Dec. 2002

STORZ & BICKEL have extended their warranty period !

We now grant every buyer of a VOLCANO CLASSIC three full years of guarantee. That also applies with retroactive effect for all previously manufactured VOLCANO Vaporizers, because satisfied customers are our top priority !