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Juan Arzak presenting the VOLCANO during a congress of chief cooks

Grant Achatz with the VOLCANO Vaporizer

The vaporization of herbs is used in the restaurant "Alinea" to produce an aroma pillow

The oven tube is filled with crabmeat and thyme aroma generated with the VOLCANO

Chefs experiment with a great variety of aromas

Hypermodern cooking

The VOLCANO Vaporizer enables you to explore the benefits of pure flavor and the world of aroma in new and exciting ways. Hypermodern cooking advocates unique methods to extract, refine, and purify aroma from it’s raw source. The VOLCANO Vaporizer is the premiere tool to enhance the delicate balance of flavours desired in avant garde cuisine.
Aromatizing technique

Aromatizing technique

The VOLCANO Vaporizer’s advantage is that it gently releases delicate scents and aromas without imparting bitter or unpleasant flavors. Flavouring food with pure aromatic vapour is known as “aromatization.” The wide temperature range of the VOLCANO Vaporizer allows the user to adjust the specific temperature in order to release aroma in a precisely controlled manner.

Aromatizing food – cooking with oven tube

The most common culinary vaporization method is to flavor food with aroma produced by the VOLCANO Vaporizer. A tasty example of a dish enhanced with a pure aroma is crabmeat aromatized with thyme. The food is placed into an oven tube and the purified aroma fills the tube. While gently cooking in the oven, the aroma will permeate the food.

Sensual food presentation with
the bell-shaped cover

The aroma is generated with the VOLCANO and captured under a bell-shaped cover. When the food is presented to the table the cover is lifted and aroma will disperse. The resulting aromatic vapors are used in the modern kitchen to tease the gustatory nerves and to inspire the sense of taste of connoisseurs.

Teasing the gustatory nerves –
with the aroma pillow

This technique is used to create an ambient aroma while the guest is enjoying the meal. The idea is to slowly deliver aromas during the meal and enwrap the connoisseur in flavor. The VOLCANO Vaporizer is used to inflate an oven tube “pillow” that serves as the aroma dispenser. Once the pillow has filled, seal the tube to keep the vapor inside. Before serving the food, pierce the pillow with tiny holes. Place the pillow underneath the plate and serve at the table. The aroma will slowly disperse during the meal and create an ambiance of aroma. Grant Achatz describes the technique in his book ‘Alinea’ using lavender flowers for his pillow.